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How can cities identify aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators in their own back yard? With a simple call to action, startup competitions offer an easy, affordable way to get the attention of the public and find promising new companies. Communities that nurture these companies with mentors, capital, and resources see more capital invested, more jobs, and growing economies.

Check out these articles from experts in innovation and economic development.

  • McKinsey & CoResearch into prizes reveals superior economic returns using crowdsourcing.
  • Soapbox CincinnatiSoapbox Media reports on the first annual Cincinnati Innovates Awards with over $50,000 in prizes awarded to 8 local innovators.

Featured Innovations

Featured Innovation

Treadway Wearable Transportation

Motorized footwear will get you around town. Check out three generations of Treadway Transportation.
Featured Innovation

Central Venous Catheter

A safer, more comfortable central line catheter. The folding design is a unique approach to a common and vital therapeutic tool.
Featured Innovation

Scale Detects Diabetic Ulcers

A diabetic's biggest risk are foot ulcers. 10 seconds on the ulcer scale detects foot temperature differentials that predict developing ulcers.

Featured City


Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati has one of the highest per-capita patent rates in the Midwest and is home to world class talent plus 10 Fortune 500 headquarters.

The Uno card game, Swiffer, Heimlich maneuver, Benadryl, oral polio vaccine, iron lung, ambulance service, Ivory Soap, Pringles, gas mask, and the 3-light traffic signal were all invented in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Innovates is an annual regional innovation competition.